DEGEN NEWS' introduction.

NFT Nonsense Reported By The Minute

DEGEN NEWS is an independent news outlet that reports on NFT nonsense. The fastest-growing Web 3.0 media account is DEGEN LABS' first experiment.
DEGEN NEWS is our very first NFT collection drop. The collection aims to give each degen a fair chance to become a stakeholder in the fastest-growing Web3 outlet and to give them a voice.

Collection Info

  • Supply: 7,777
  • Mint Date: DEC 12th
  • Mint Price: 2.5 SOL
The above information will be announced as we go. We will construct a fair mint model, giving us enough funds to scale and operate on a larger scale.
The below links are our ONLY & official links!
  • Discord Link (coming soon)
  • Official Website (coming soon)