Here's a list of commonly asked questions.
Who runs the DEGEN NEWS Twitter account? One person named DN.
Will DN have enough time to report and run the project? Yes, he has recently quit his job to pursue this project’s ambitions full-time.
❓Will DEGEN NEWS expand beyond Twitter? Yes, we will be expanding to other social media platforms.
❓Will DEGEN NEWS hire more reporters? Yes. Hired reporters will report from DEGEN NEWS accounts and other DEGEN LABS news outlets.
❓How will DEGEN LABS generate revenue? Website & app ads, B2B partnerships, and NFT trading royalties are just some of the revenue streams we plan on generating.
❓Would other outlets deliver information in the same fashion as DEGEN NEWS? Not necessarily.
If reporting is decentralized, how can DEGEN LABS ensure its outlets’ reporting is accurate? Information accuracy is our number one priority. New reporters will be brought in if reporters of a given independent outlet do not perform at our highest standards.
What makes DEGEN LABS a project that supports decentralization? Unlike traditional Web 2.0 media conglomerates, DEGEN LABS will create and manage outlets that are run independently from an editorial perspective. In doing so, every stakeholder in Web 3.0 will be given a voice. This organizational structure will also ensure that everyone is scrutinized.