All about the DEGEN NEWS NFT collection.

Why are we creating a DEGEN NEWS NFT collection?

We're creating this collection to further contribute to the NFT community and raise initial capital to execute our roadmap. In return, we will maximize NFT holder value.
Information regarding our roadmap can be found here.

What about holder utility?

If we were to briefly summarize our goals and what we want to provide for our holders, we would summarize it in the following sentence: A heard voice, always up to date and a revenue stream.
We have many different ideas which we will implement as we grow and scale. More information is discussed in our roadmap.

What supports DEGEN NEWS?

For the past few months, we have been reporting NFT nonsense constantly and around the hour almost. We have accumulated almost 15,000 tweets over the course of only a few months. Not only that, but we have constantly been building connections to other collections, founders, and platforms just so that we can be on top of news as soon as they occur to report them. This track record is what we are also planning to share with our holders.

Why a collection is necessary

DEGEN NEWS has been run by a single person for the past few months of operation, however, that has not limited DN from delivering news around the clock nor from building a platform which degens could rely on for news. A collection would allow DEGEN NEWS to scale even bigger and to cover news around the clock by the minute.