What is DEGEN LABS? How is it different from DEGEN NEWS?

Decentralized News Reporting 📰

Degenerate Labs is an NFT news media conglomerate focused on creating and managing the most influential outlets in the Web3 industry. This project aims to deliver information-based utility to its NFT holders.
Our goal with Degenerate Labs is relatively simple: Decentralized news reporting around the clock.
Degenerate Labs is a conglomerate holding company, and our main holding is DEGEN NEWS.

What Makes DEGEN LABS Different?

Real-time information delivery speed has always been valued in industries where speculative economic activities occur, but the NFT space is different. Value, more often than not, is driven by culture and entertainment.
The DEGENERATE LABS project is unique in that it wants to deliver real-time information of several different types, to fully cover the needs of all market participants.

What Else Are We Building Besides DEGEN NEWS?

Very much how DEGEN NEWS is an outlet that shamelessly embraced a unique approach to news reporting, the following information providers will too. However, those will come into play post the mint of our DEGEN NEWS collection.

What Is Information-Based Utility?

DEGEN LABS' belief is that the NFT industry's various stakeholders value a diverse selection of information - delivered in real-time.
Much like a Bloomberg Terminal's news feed, our first experiment DEGEN NEWS has provided information to its readers minutes, if not seconds after events occur.
Proprietary traders trade based on timely information, and so do NFT degenerates. Risk managers need accurate data to target their desired risk/return trade-off, and so do NFT degenerates. Long-term investors worry that the projects they are long are engaged in wrongdoing, and of course, so do NFT degenerates. Delivering actionable information is an information-based utility.

How will information-based utility be delivered?

DEGEN LABS will aggregate all of the information provided by its several outlets and other external sources that only NFT holders will have access to. Unparalleled analytical content would be exclusively accessible to our NFT holders.
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